The home of school tennis

INtennisCITY makes tennis fun & easy

The INtennisCITY software makes it easy for teachers to run competitions in their school.

Once you get started, it's easy to:

  • Add a student list
  • Create match events
  • Let your students settle the score
  • Input results and track their progress
  • Communicate through your noticeboard

INtennisCITY has been created by Tennis Australia in partnership with the Australian Sports Commission Sporting Schools program.

Teachers sign up to the School Play Program through Sporting Schools to receive:

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Getting started with INtennisCITY

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Signing In

As a teacher you will have access to students login information.

Your students will have the option to choose password (a colour and animal), then click they will click 'Login' to access their account.

If a student forgets their login details, as a teacher you will be able to access login information to remind them or alter their password.

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Personalise students INtennisCITY

Students can change their avatar, background and password in the settings tab.

Here students can also tell us their birthday, age, gender to personalise their account.

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The dashboard is the students home base.

Here, they can see how many games they've played and won, and the awards classmates and teachers have given to them.

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Game Stats

These blue ribbons will show students how many games they have played and won.

It is their own personal snapshot of how much tennis they playing. The more they play, the more they'll improve.

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Badges & Rewards

The more the students play, the more awards they earn.

Badges and Rewards start out empty, and as the students play they change to bronze, silver and then gold.

A couple of them are earnt by simply playing, others by receiving messages from friends, and some are earnt by receiving badges from a teacher.

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Teachers can post messages here about tennis news and events.

Students can check here regularly so they don't miss any important information.

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This is where the tennis lives.

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Create a quick game

Students can invite their friends to play by creating a quick game.

The students Simply...

  1. Select 'Singles' or 'Doubles'
  2. Select game type: FAST4, Highest, or Up To
  3. Search for a friend
  4. Play! Students match will appear in their Matches list.
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Matches List

These are new matches, waiting for someone to add the score.

These matches have had scores added to them but someone still needs to confirm the score.

These matches are complete, and scores are confirmed.

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New match

This is a new match that has not yet been played.

Once a student has played the match against their friend, they can add the score to their match by clicking the 'Add Score' button.

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Adding Scores

Simply put scores underneath the correct names.

If a student feels their friend played a good game, they can leave a message for them. This will go towards their awards.

Student saves the match, and it will move into the "Recorded" list.

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Recorded Match

When a student is waiting for a score to be confirmed by a friend, it will display a clock icon.

When a friend is waiting for the student to confirm a score, the student will have an option to confirm, or protest, the score.

If the student chooses to protest, the teacher will then look at the match and decide the correct score.

If the student confirms, the match is finished, and they can now find it in the 'confirmed' list.

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Confirmed Match

The trophy will appear on the winner's side.

If a teacher gives a student a badge, it will show at the bottom of the match, and that will go towards the students awards.

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This is where a student can find their friends.

A student can search for friends by typing their name, or browse the list of all the students in your school.

Click their name to see their profile.

A student can see their awards, challenge them to play tennis with you, and see their latest matches.

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When a student is done, they simply click "Logout" so no one else can play with their account.